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Blink182 meets the X-FILES

FanFic is a little behind due to school and summer. We'll be updating FanFic next month.

TITLE: X-File case number 182
AUTHOR: Arlini E Martini
EMAIL ADDRESS: Blink Uber Alles@aol.com
DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT:I'm flattered. Just keep my name on it, don't edit
andplease send a link so I can add you to my website links
SPOILER WARNING:None, at least I don't think so...
RATING: PG-13 For language
CLASSIFICATION: Noromo friendly
SUMMARY: This takes place in a different world. Well the only difference is
Blink 182 is still a home town band and Travis is the drummer not Scott.
Scully and Mulder go to San Diego to investigate some UFO sightings reported
Tom DeLonge.
DISCLAIMER: Okay apparently I do not work with 1013 or any of the their
Don't sue my sorry butt Mr. Chris Carter! And Blink182..if you ARE reading
marry me!! Ha-ha no, um the name Blink 182 belongs to of course Tom DeLonge,
Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. The name NoFx(they are mentioned) belongs to
Mike, Erik, Eric and El Hefe and possibly Fat wreck Chords. I am not making
money off this!!(Does it look like I am?!?)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I wrote this out of boredom and it is my FIRST full fan fic!!
FEEDBACK: If you're THAT bored I guess...

Somewhere outside of San Diego, CA

"Shit Tom, can't we leave already, a male voice whined coming from the
direction a
weak flashlight beam. "Dude, this is 'pose to be a UFO hot spot!! You can
leave if ya
want to go jack off with your mom," another voice snickered. "Well gettin' a
from her would be better then standing here in the cold." The flashlight beam
started to
walk off in the opposite direction. "Hey Travis! You coming with me or
staying with
this arse?" Another flashlight beam flickered on, Ill just stick around then
I'll go
home later I guess." Suddenly a flash zipped right over the three and
disappeared into
the darkness. The "leader" of the tree stood there in silence and let his
flashlight drop
and roll on to the ground. "I,..I wasn't the only who saw that right, he
bending down
to pick up his flashlight. He glanced at his watch and it was still 10:13
until he poked at it then it read 10:22. "What the fuck?!?," Mark yelled. "My
god! Where did this
come from," he yelled pointing his flashlight to his arm which had a long
burn. All
three flashlights suddenly jerked to Mark's arm. "Dude!! It was an UFO! Ya
got the
radiation burns to prove it, Tom yelled excitably. "You mean I am now
horriblydisfigured all because of your STUPID UFOs", Mark yelled his voice
getting higher on
the next word. "Dude, if I were you I would run now before Mark kicks your
ass from
here to Tejauna, Travis suddenly spoke. "Oh fuck...,"Tom yelled already
running from

Basement of the FBI

"A UFO hot spot, Scully repeated skeptically. Mulder excitably shoved to her
a stack
of photographs. Three of them were of woodsy areas, two were of three males,
in their
mid-twenties and another two were of burns on of the males arms. "Radiation
Mulder? I bet this aren't anything but stove burns! They aren't like other
real burns I
have seen on radiation victims." "But Scully, that area has been known for
it's UFO sightings. The area had been silent for a couple of years now until
this." Scully sighed and rubbed her temples,"Fine, when do I pack?"

written by: Arlini M.