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Backstage Bio

Get to know Morgan and Arlini of the PBK.


Not so sure yet, but soon we'll be back interviewing Jay's band (formerly Ledgermain).

Until then...no clue!

name: Arlini Martini
age: Closer to birth then death I hope
location: South Texas
band: Psychopathic Beaver killers
music type: punk rock
what do you do in the band (instrument): Lead Vocals
when did the band form: Around March of this year (2000)
what do you like most about the band: We are a PUNK band.
favorite song from the band: Speechless
marital status: Single

just you now!
favorite band: Blink 182, NOFX, Ataris, Dead Kennedys, Millencolin, Aquabats, Good Riddance, Rancid, Propagandhi, Fenix Tx, Ten Foot Pole, Bad Religion and Tilt
type of music: Punk rock
song: "It's my job to keep punk rock elite"-Nofx
quote: "There was a time I thought this would never happen to me"-Good Riddance
person: Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, Georage Lucas and Tom Delonge

website: http://gaganoromo.tripod.com/pbk//


Name: Commando Morgan
Age: 13
Location: Tip if Texas...aka.....Purgatory
Band: The Psychopathic Beaver Killers
Music Type: Punk/Rock
Instrument: Bass
Band Formed: 1999
What I Like Most About The Band: EVERYTHING!!!
Favorite Song From Band: "Bad Government"
Martial Status: Single and seeking a freakishly rad guy!

Just Me!
Favorite Band: Blink 182
Type Of Music: Punk,Rock
Song: "Aliens Exist"
Quote: "Commando Morgan!O's!"
Person: I'd like to dedicate this....oh,wait...hey Arlini! My best friend!!!!!! Captain Arini!!!
Website: http://gaganoromo.tripod.com/pbk//

Thank you Commando Morgan and Arlini of the PBK for your backstage bios.