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Funny stix-pix moments.

Stix-pix presents the funny side of the backstage bio and interviews. Along with other stupid stuff that just makes us laugh for no reason.

This issue I'd like to thank our very first backstage bio from Jay of Ledgermain (before they broke-up).
Some jokes and more too!

If you have something funny to share or would like to be a backstage band, please go to the contact page and e-mail us. Thanks!

Jay shares us his backstage bio.

your name: Jay
band name: Ledgermain
band relationship: Guitarist? Happy?
available?: Yes! I'm the sexy one, remember. C'mon.
your location: Happy Land
your favorite movie: South Park
your favorite groups: Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, NOFX, Anti Flag, Op Ivy, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Silverchair, THE DOORS (fuck yeah!), Chili Peppers
your favorite tv show: South Park
shoe size: its not the size of your shoes, its how you use them.
clothing size: Um, I dont know. Oh god, does this dress make my thighs look fat?
current hair color: Blondish Brownish
what color do you want to dye your hair: bright pink so the homophobic jocks will beat me up
what color wouldn't you dye your hair: Bleached the tips because everyone does that.

...your opinions
what's your favorite thing about the band?: Its fun
what don't you like about the band?: Efren's hotter than me.
where do you see the band in five years?: Um, ON TRL! SELLING MILLIONS OF RECORDS WITH THE BACKSTREET BOYS! not.

how many songs have you written?: 3
which one's your favorite (that you've written)?: Harmless Hate (song I wrote about assholes who make fun and torment others to make themselves feel better)
which one's your favorite (that another band member wrote)?: Shattered In My Eyes (a song that efren did)

...other stuff
interested in anyone in the band?: Um, I secretly want the drummer. yeah. He's hot.
if so...who?: Santa.
give us a brief description of yourself and what you'd like to see out of the band: I'm a magical christmas elf from the land of oz. I wanna do Duran Duran covers! damnit! HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF AGAIN! YEAAAAAAH!

Day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to Run
Tried to Hide
Break on Through
To the other side.

I'd like to thank the bands I've interviewed for their content and funny selves to make this page possible.