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The PBK, a little Texas punk/rock band...

Arlini and Morgan of the PBK took their time off of their little hands to have a chat with STIX-PIX.

STIX: so, what are your names?
STIX: i forgot...sorry
ARLINI: I am arlini or arlini
ARLINI: *arlene
STIX: alright
MORGAN: I am Commando Morgan.
ARLINI: (whoops *blushes*)
STIX: hey morgan! so, how are you?
MORGAN: I'm in almost maximum capacity of goodness.
ARLINI: I am rather very very happy today I reserved the blink album
STIX: did i ask you arlini?
STIX: naw...j/k
ARLINI: (I know you care anyway)
STIX: yep
ARLINI: c):)
STIX: so, pbk.....never seen beavers....ya'll are odd
STIX: hey bob
ARLINI: bob: howdy!
MORGAN: Bob for president!
STIX: back to the pbk....
ARLINI: dana for vice!
ARLINI: ok..
STIX: so, when, where, how did the pbk start?
ARLINI: around march at school
STIX: any particular reason?
ARLINI: in lunch to be precise
ARLINI: I made up a rad name and thought it would be a rad band name
ARLINI: so I made a band for that rad name
STIX: cool....
ARLINI: plus, the way I look at it, when we are famous I can meet blink!
STIX: yep
MORGAN: We can meet Blink.
MORGAN: ::Scoff::
STIX: yep
ARLINI: ::smirks::
STIX: ya'll are making me laugh
ARLINI: (well, morgan, I have before)
STIX: what do ya'll like most about the band?
MORGAN: <You really want me to hit you tomorrow,don't you?>
ARLINI: the name, we are a punk band and the lyrics
ARLINI: (sorry!)
STIX: and you morgan?
MORGAN: Um....I like everything.
ARLINI: Oh! and bob!!
MORGAN: And Dana.
STIX: you can never forget about bob, can you?
STIX: who's dana?
ARLINI: No I can not..
ARLINI: No I can not..
ARLINI: dana's bobs boyfriend
ARLINI: (another sock puppet)
STIX: sock puppets....geez
STIX: ya'll sure do have an imagination...
ARLINI: geez? don't you mean..yay!!
MORGAN: You can never have enough..
STIX: yay!!!!
ARLINI: that's more like it!
STIX: okay....
MORGAN: Where are my pants?
STIX: besides the band...what about ya'll?
ARLINI: next question..
STIX: i hope they're on
ARLINI: pardon? what about us?
MORGAN: Um...oh,yeah,there they are.
STIX: ya
STIX: lol
ARLINI: (can you re-phrase the question for me?)
MORGAN: Um..I'm retarded,I enjoy drinking water,eating bread and......striking a pose and yelling,
MORGAN: "Commando Morgan!"
ARLINI: -o's!
STIX: i see commando got it.
MORGAN: I can't wait to be on the front of a cereal box.
ARLINI: morgan-o's sounds like a ceral..
STIX: oh my
ARLINI: she's gonna have her own ceral one day..
ARLINI: *cereal
STIX: oh my!
MORGAN: Arlini can stand next to me on the bow,too.
ARLINI: anyway, any more questions?
MORGAN: In the picture...and Bob...and the other band members.
STIX: umm...thinking...this'll take a while
STIX: do ya'll like harvy danger?
ARLINI: Not really..
MORGAN: I've only heard one song. Um..."Flagpole Sitta",funny..
STIX: uhhh! why not?????
STIX: you haven't heard the new one?
ARLINI: Never heard a song..though very popular in the x-files crowd..
STIX: sad sweet heart of the rodio
STIX: i spelt that wrong..oops
STIX: cool
MORGAN: Hey,rad,I just IMed myself.
STIX: hahaha
STIX: oh my god
ARLINI: someone just immed me!
STIX: cool
STIX: so, any requests on question?
ARLINI: yay! I can share my punk-ness!
ARLINI: Um, the website? the fan club?
ARLINI: influences?
STIX: For a sec i thought it said i can share my punk-ass
ARLINI: that too if they want..lol j/k
STIX: so, how's the web site doing?
STIX: lol
ARLINI: Rather swell
MORGAN: Please hold,craving for bread.
ARLINI: Its so super rad
STIX: alrighty
STIX: and you created it, right?
ARLINI: yes..that's why it is super rad
STIX: see, we're having difficulties with our site due to a screw-up on my computer
STIX: how's the bread morgan?
MORGAN: Breadlicious.
STIX: i crave snickers, they're extra nutty!
ARLINI: like me!
STIX: me & my friends were joking around last year and i was eating a snickers, then all of a ...
ARLINI: oh the url to the site is..http://gaganoromo.tripod.com/pbk//
STIX: ....sudden we had a new condom flavor
STIX: they're extra nutty!
ARLINI: hey, mxpx is on! yay!
STIX: okay?
STIX: so, how old are ya'll exactly?
STIX: (you don't have to answer if ya don't want)
ARLINI: I am 12 years of age
STIX: where'd she go?
ARLINI: i dunno..needed more bread?
ARLINI: morgan is 13 btw
STIX: hope so
ARLINI: and sarah is 14
STIX: you ya'll like orgy?
STIX: they're cool
ARLINI: i think sarah does..
STIX: btw....did blink have anything to do with your music?
ARLINI: yes alot
STIX: do ya'll sound anything like them?
STIX: or hope to?
ARLINI: We really hope so
ARLINI: and like dk and nofx
STIX: ***forgot this one*** what's the band line-up?
ARLINI: Me-vocals
ARLINI: morgan-bass
ARLINI: sarah-guitar
STIX: drums?
ARLINI: No one..we are still looking
ARLINI: bob would but you see, she dosent have arms..
STIX: okay everyone! attention please....BAND IN NEED OF A DRUMMER!
STIX: i see.....
ARLINI: We have posted everywhere and made sites and sent emails but no dummer yet..
STIX: that sucks how no one has responded. well, once ya'll hit high school...hopefully...
STIX: ....someone'll be willing to join the pbk
ARLINI: well, this one girl said she'll think about it
ARLINI: Any more questions?
STIX: nope.
STIX: well, it was nice chatting with you...
ARLINI: same here
STIX: see ya'll later
ARLINI: k byers!