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Friends....what are they? Who are they? They are those people who you go to when you're feeling blue. Those people who you can trust your every word to. Those who love you. Those who play practical jokes on you for no reason and then when it comes time to admit they did it, they act as if nothing ever happened. Friends are those people who in ten years from now you'll be calling up and asking if they want to go to the movies or hang out at your house. They're those people who don't lie. When you get in fights, they don't come crawling back on their hands and knees. They talk to you about it. When you get noticed and famous, they're the ones who support you, not the ones who WE'RE there until you got noticed. They're those people who help you through your tough times, the times when you don't know what's right and what's wrong. They're those people who care....who really love you and don't have to say it to prove it. That's what friends really are.

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