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We'll currently be doing only the archieves of the last backstage interview.


JAY: arggg my computer's gettin icky one sec
BRITT: so, what's the name of the band?
EFREN: Legerdemain
BRITT: does that have any meaning to it at all?
EFREN: If you're asking if it's a real word then... Yeah.
BRITT: haha
EFREN: It's trickory, usually with hands
BRITT: anyways...who are all the band memeber?
BRITT: names i mean...
EFREN: Jay, Kerry, Mike, and Efren.
JAY: me
JAY: I play guitar
BRITT: band line-up please...
EFREN: Jay - guitar
EFREN: Efren - guitar, vocals
EFREN: Mike - drums
EFREN: Kerry - bass
EFREN: mike - drums/vocals
BRITT: efren's the lead single i suppose....
JAY: yup
EFRIN: I'm not single.
BRITT: okay...i'm about to hang up on dave here...he's interrupting this
EFRIN: What's his last name?
BRITT: neither am i.....
BRITT: i don't think ya'd know him
BRITT: he's a turtle....
EFRIN: I just like the name dave.
BRITT: if ya know what i mean...hehe
EFRIN: Dave grohl's god.
BRITT: cool...
JAY: yes, yes he is
JAY: rrrrggg my computer is laggy as hell...gonna shoot this thing soon
BRITT: he wants to know...which is better...pixies (me) or turtles (him)?
BRITT: that's how i feel somedays..
JAY: pixies.
EFRIN: pixies
EFRIN: I don't know him.
BRITT: i luv you two...
JAY: pixies.
EFRIN: pixies
EFRIN: I don't know him.
BRITT: i luv you two...
JAY: yes we are quite lovable, arent we?
JAY: I cry in sad movies.
BRITT: i cried when i saw the patriot...
JAY: THAT was a good movie.
EFRIN: Didn't see it yet.
JAY: Bloody. and sad.
EFRIN: Are these the questions?
BRITT: i know...the little daughter is from around here...that's pretty cool
BRITT: you should go see it.
EFRIN: K well, I have to take a shower soon.
EFRIN: I'm all smelly.
BRITT: oh god....something else i don't need to know..hehe
JAY: smelly is bad
EFRIN: Smelly is great.
BRITT: hey ya'll....turtle's getting sad on me...this'll take a minute...
BRITT: lol
EFRIN: The essence of body odor is naturally beautiful.
JAY: except when you smell like a dead possum.
BRITT: then why do they have deoderant?
BRITT: lol
EFRIN: Deoderant is for people who can't keep clean.
BRITT: is this what ya'll do in your spare time?
BRITT: how dare you insult me
JAY: its insightful stuff
JAY: talking about body odor
JAY: seriously it is. It expands your mind for music making.
EFRIN: One of the 10 places to kiss someone is the armpit.
EFRIN: Would you like to get a mouthful of deodorant or fresh body sent?
JAY: even if its smelly and hairy? *sniffs armpit*
EFRIN: Well, if it's smelly, you should take a shower.
BRITT: hold on...i need to talk with my turtle..k?
JAY: heh ok I gtg soon
BRITT: finally...HE'S GONE..HEHE
JAY: heh
BRITT: back to ya'll now....
EFRIN: I'm gone in two minutes.
BRITT: k...well, then we'll make this one fast unless jay wants to keep on
JAY: heh
JAY: I could talk all night about stupid shit but I gtg soon
BRITT: funny...so, how many songs do ya'll have now?
JAY: *counts in head* um...
BRITT: ya'll are funny...
EFRIN: I have 8
JAY: I got 3 that I've written but we're working on them
BRITT: cool....got a question about the "old" band...why'd it break-up?
BRITT: hey, if ya'll need any lyrics, i'm there for ya...i've written two songs
for another band
EFRIN: Because the singer wasn't acting like a friend and the drummer wanted to
play guitar and sin
JAY: cuz john sucked ass. (that's not my official statement)
EFRIN: singt.
EFRIN: sing.
BRITT: sorry to hear that...i hate it whenever my friends don't act like
friends anymore...
EFRIN: k, gotta go.
BRITT: i just want to kill them or just hurt them really bad
EFRIN: Nice interview. I hope to talk to you later.
JAY: and I'm soooo much cooler than colonel sanders new fried chicken
sandwitch its not even funn
JAY: funny
BRITT: k..later
JAY: ok later man, I'll give you a ring.
JAY: Nice interview
JAY: hey, what was this for?
JAY: efren didnt tell me
BRITT: hey, wanna keep it going?
JAY: eh I'm not really the official authority but I might be able to answer a few
things about
JAY: like my playing style and stuff.
BRITT: i have this site for known bands and garage bands and i interview
garage bands since i can't
BRITT: interview the known peeps..
BRITT: this'll be good...one on one with jay...heh
JAY: oh yeah I'm so special.
BRITT: of course...
JAY: ok ask away and I'll try to answer
BRITT: so, what style of music do you like to play?
JAY: me personally I'm really influenced by grunge and punk stuff... Lots of
power chords
JAY: Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains is my favorite guitar player of all time but
I dont have
JAY: nearly the talent he does.
BRITT: hehe....
BRITT: i don't play any music just listen....i'm used to shit like rob zombie,
korn and yes...BLINK
BRITT: 182
JAY: heh. blink used to be good but now they're like eeeehhh
BRITT: i do like their old stuff, but when they did "all the small things,"
they kinda blew it...
JAY: no kidding
BRITT: it's too much pop...i don't mind "adam's song" that song means
something to me
BRITT: the vid was funny and all, but the song....uggg.
JAY: yeah
BRITT: anyways...back to you...
JAY: I've been working on a song all day today... Seeing how much I can get out
of 3 power chords
BRITT: what else is there that "we" need to know about the band?
BRITT: that you could tell us...
JAY: arg sorry my computer is lagging behind and I type stuff and it goes in
later so arg...ok
BRITT: that's alright....
JAY: Not much. we're pretty local. Efren and me have been toying with the idea
of starting a band
JAY: for a long time
JAY: and since flaccid broke up we thought it would be a perfect time
BRITT: that's always a good time...
JAY: his girlfriend, Kerry, is our bass player, those two are soooooo cute
BRITT: hey, is there anyway that i could get some pix of the band?
JAY: I do rhythm guitar, efren does lead guitar (he's good at it) and man that guy
can sing good.
JAY: I suck major at singing.
JAY: um, gee, efren and kerry have pics...
JAY: but I dont have any of me or the drummer
JAY: here let me send you a link to kerry's little geeky web page
JAY: I hope efren wont get pissed...heh
BRITT: k....
BRITT: any pix are good with me
JAY: one sec here
JAY: one sec here
Jaywinton: this'll take a second...I'll e-mail you a pic of kerry and efren
BRITT: alright...
JAY: ok its sendin :o)
BRITT: brbr
JAY: They're a really cute couple. Efren uses this Gibson guitar that kerry got
him as a present
JAY: he loves the thing
BRITT: that's so sweet
JAY: as far as equipment goes, I use a hamer guitar (eeeerf It sucks) and a
peavey amp
BRITT: well...sounds like a garage band to me..hehe
BRITT: sounds like my boyfrien..
BRITT: *boyfriend
JAY: yep.
JAY: cute
BRITT: hehe...so do ya'll have a logo yet?
BRITT: do i say ya'll too much?
JAY: ok e-mail is sent with their cute lil pic
JAY: no logo yet but we're working on it
BRITT: k...thanks
BRITT: alrighty...
JAY: heh naaaw y'all is cute. half my family is from texas
JAY: and they say y'all all the time
BRITT: hey, what are the other status' on the other band member?
BRITT: i'm the only texan in my family....well, true texan may i say..and
the only blond w/ blue ey
JAY: our drummer?
BRITT: *eyes
BRITT: all of them.....
BRITT: well, that's the last one left, right?
JAY: Efren?
JAY: duh, wait...comp is behind here
BRITT: that's alright.
BRITT: do ya think they'd mine if i had that pic up on the site?
JAY: later I can maybe send you a sound clip of one of my songs i'm working on
JAY: um...I'll have to clear it with efren
JAY: I'll call him later 2nite and ask, and I'll get back to you
BRITT: k....
BRITT: anyways...since this is just me and you now, let's get down to what
you like about the band
JAY: ok
JAY: (gonna have to go soon :o( )
BRITT: that's alright.....
BRITT: but....what do you like about the band?
JAY: us? well, its fun.
JAY: efren's a really creative guy... Incredibly talented
BRITT: that's good....
BRITT: that's even better...
JAY: he's a badass drummer too, but he's also pretty good at guitar
BRITT: okay, i've really lost ya now....who's who?
JAY: Efren's our lead singer / guitarist but he did drums in his last band
JAY: I do guitar, kerry does bass
BRITT: who's mike?
JAY: drummer.
BRITT: i always like the drummers...don't ask me why.
JAY: he's pretty cool. I dont know him too well.
BRITT: k..
BRITT: so....
JAY: heh. yes, the drummers tend to be the muscly ones. <flexes non existand
JAY: yeah, guitar um, works your, uh, finger muscles. yeah. thats it.
BRITT: hehe.....
BRITT: no wonder why tom from blink is so scrawny...hehe
JAY: heh. yeeep.
BRITT: anyways.....got anything else "we" need to know? or just wanna sit
here and chat?
JAY: not a lot of important stuff...we're just starting out, pretty much
JAY: I'm in another band too but its just mainly for fun
JAY: We're called FUBR (Fucked Up Beyond Repair)
BRITT: that'd be pretty difficult for me to do, so what's with this other
BRITT: now that's an "all american" name...hehe
JAY: ohhh yeah
JAY: you know it
BRITT: sorry, but i have "american bad ass" stuck in my head.
JAY: if ya want you can interview us sometime, we got a practice on saturday
BRITT: sure...i'd like to anytime...the more the better...(for me)...hehe
BRITT: got one question that had to hit me.....
JAY: yeah?
BRITT: ...you write lyrics too?
BRITT: well, who writes most of the lyrics?
JAY: yeah.
JAY: its 50 / 50 efren and me
JAY: well its probably more 60 / 40 him
BRITT: hehe.
BRITTl: what's been your favorite so far?
JAY: if something pisses me off, I write a song about it pretty much
JAY: fav song? well, efren has this one song he wrote called Shattered In My
Eyes. its really
JAY: pretty.
JAY: ever heard the song Pennyroyal Tea? Its a little like that.
BRITT: i usually just listen to a song, steal a few of their lyrics and put
something together that
BRITT: doesn't even go with the song..
BRITT: i don't think i've heard that one...who'd it by?
JAY: Nirvana
BRITT: how does it go? i'm usually familiar with lyrics and artists than
BRITT: ....(and now i got "the bitch song" stuck in my head)
JAY: The chorus is "Sit and drink pennyroyal tea / I'm anemic royalty / I'm so
tired I can't
JAY: sleep / I'm a liar and a theif"
BRITT: no clue....
JAY: It was never a single
BRITT: that's probably why...i don't think i own any nirvana c.ds...it's more
like ozzy
BRITT: you like ozzy?
JAY: yes ozzy good
BRITT: my dad always said that when i was little they'd start playing ozzy
and i'd be all happy,
BRITT: then when they turned it off, i get all mad...
JAY: You know, I better be going soon... :o(
BRITTl: i find that hilarious
BRITT: k...well, it's been nice talking to you....
JAY: remember: I'm the sexy one in the band. Really. I am.
BRITT: hope to get together with other members of the band and your other
BRITT: don't worry..i'll remember that..
BRITT: well, better let ya going.....laters
JAY: yeah put me on your buddylist and I'll see later if we can do a little