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Editor's Note

September/October 2000

This is our second issue of Stix-Pix on-line. Last month we took a look at the band Ledgermain which has currently lost a few members and around the edges of breaking-up, or did they already break-up? Well, more news and info on them the next time I get in contact with Jay.
This month we'll be taking a look at a Texas garage band by the name of PBK. The Psychopathic Beaver Killers took time from the garage and let me do an interview with Arlini and Bob. By-the-way, Arlini of PBK helps me out a bit on putting stuff up on stix-pix.
Well, take a look around and I'll be getting back to looking into what's happening with our last backstage pass with Ledgermain. Later!